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        Fuerj is the leader in the Chinese electric fireplace, China’s largest electric fireplace professional manufacturers, is also the dean price, the world’s largest production base of electric fireplace, annual production of 1 million units, sales of 300 million yuan.Poor rich family to innovation of product design and excellent quality process to Chinese consumers to provide quality products and perfect service.Excellent work for China’s electric fireplace industry rich family undisputed leader and the integration of the electric heating industry in China, with international vision of the brand strategy, excellent fashion products, active layout electric fireplace in the market of China.
       The basic requirement of the agent:
       1. The agent must be (partnerships with DIMPLEX extended appropriately in more than one year)
       □ General taxpayer or a natural person;
       □ Companies registered capital of not less than 500000;
       2. Have a fixed office space.300 square meters of business area is 50 square metre (warehouses and offices) and provide more "Christine price fireplace series" or "poor rich family fireplace series" store unified image.
       3. With three years experience in decoration, such as high-quality goods distribution
       4. With mature regional customer resource network, and provide relevant documents to prove their customers and their distribution.
       5. With the development of regional customer network and maintenance ability.
       6. The agent superior industry sales of the good business reputation and public praise.
       Welcome people of insight in all above event, good career to join the rich family!

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