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Brand story

Fuerj Brand story
Fuerj founded in 1997, with its excellent product quality and good after-sales service established in incomparable reputation.

        Fuerj is the leader in the Chinese electric fireplace, China’s largest manufacturer of electric fireplace, at the same time with price, the world’s  production base of electric fireplace, annual production of 1 million units, sales of 300 million yuan.Poor rich family to innovation of product design and excellent quality process to Chinese consumers to provide quality products and perfect service.
        Fuerj produce China’s first "flame" technology of electric fireplace, on this basis, successively develop, produce the embedded electric fireplace, independent type electric fireplace, portable electric fireplace, wall-mounted electric fireplace, suit type series products, such as electric fireplace, classical and modern, science and technology and art integration, create the unique physical and mental enjoyment.

        Company profile:
        Zhejiang Fuerj Electric Science and Technology Co., Ltd (FUERJ) founded in 1997,the main production fireplace type heater and other electric heating products.The company registered capital of 5.28 million yuan, fixed assets 150 million yuan, covers an area of 100000 square meters, building area of 85000 square meters.Annual production 1 million sets of various kinds of fireplace, exports more than 20 countries and regions such as Europe and the United States.Poor rich family, with its excellent product quality and good after-sales service established an incomparable reputation, now has become China’s electric fireplace market leaders, China’s largest manufacturer of electric fireplace.
         FUERJ the company’s corporate culture pay attention to the excellence of product quality and brand image.We bring to the consumer is not only a product, but the solutions and the high-quality service for a long time.Hope that through our unremitting efforts to let more people feel the warmth of electric fireplace, enjoy the high quality of life...
        The development course:
        In 1997, zhejiang darfur jia electric appliance co., LTD. Was founded formally.
        In 1998, the darfur better foundry production first dean price electric fireplace officially offline;
        The company in 2001. The rich family and Glenn dean price group, formal cooperation, for dean to provide electric fireplace products price, the global market.
        In 2005, the darfur better production of dean price electric fireplace annual output over 600000;
        In 2008, Fuerj and Glenn dean price group joint venture dean price (Shanghai) electric appliance co., LTD.;
        In 2010,Fuerj renamed Zhejiang Fuerj Electric Science and Technology Co., Ltd;
        In 2011, the rich family better m&a price statins (Shanghai) electric appliance co., LTD., on the basis of the Christian price product standards introduced electric fireplace with independent brand of "" rich family, and became the leader of China’s electric fireplace market immediately.
       Wave in 2012, taking advantage of e-commerce era, the rich family better future and a new mode of marketing, and sustained in the electronic commerce co., LTD., Shanghai qiangqiang cooperation, create a good official mall and rich family Tmall taobao flagship store, for more users to provide more efficient and high quality service.
        Choose the reason of beautiful Fuerj:
        An industry first brand advantages 2 companies are strong
        Three professional experience in manufacturing advantages of four customers solid foundation
        Five technical advantages obvious advantages in six product design front
        High-end people choose seven advantages eight global patent protection
        Nine production workmanship advantages ten perfect after-sales system

Patented technology certification

Fuerj around the world have 42 patents, with innovative product design and technology and civilization in the world

●Fuerj produce China’s first with the flame simulation effect of electric fireplace, now has 42 related patents in this field。
●Fuerjwith China’s top electric heating domain experts and technology research and development team.
●For almost all the authority of the world’s quality, the production, the patent certification.


The fireplace has eternal value
If there is a spiritual house there is life, the fireplace is the heart of house.

         For that occupy the home, the fireplace is a kind of culture, but also an art, it for your family make the finishing point, let the value of the house get promoted.In a room with fireplace, master always like the beloved paintings, photographs or artwork around the fireplace.Oil painting, picture frame, with a tassel of table cloth, etc., is a great accessories to the fireplace.
        As people love of fireplace, imagination will become richer.Leaders think fireplace is a symbol of power, soldiers put the fireplace is a symbol of power, bosses think fireplace is a symbol of wealth, friends, the fireplace as passion and friendship, lovers will fireplace as love, older people will fire as a warm and happy.It’s not hard to believe that the fireplace in the near future will be more and more healthy home favorite.
From the 16th century to the middle of the 20th century, the development on the one hand, the fireplace is the history of the people using new energy: coal, gas and electricity in the fireplace, so as to make the fireplace in the use of more efficient, comfortable and convenient.Fireplace also has been at the core of the interior decoration style, various kinds of fireplace convey the concept of people’s life and fashionable concept in every age.
         Fireplace in the interior space of heating facilities, the development of the society change condensation on its practical function has been relegated to a secondary gradually, and gradually become a symbol of identity, status and style.Electric fireplace to its flame simulation effect, the production technology of environmental protection, convenient use, etc, becoming indispensable as Europe type style is decorated in the home installs supplies, it highlights the master grade and honourable, add master receive a visitor and the atmosphere of a family reunion.
Fireplace is a valuable piece of equipment that occupy the home, it can like the life of the house long service life, even in the house as it is still intact, not only value maintained and added, this also is incomparable by any other heating devices, and the fireplace easy maintenance.Fireplace for family has now become an indispensable product.

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